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1996 Création de virtuelles-galeries
GUEST BOOK mis en place pour le vernissage de virtuelles-galeries le 11 Octobre 1997.
Vernissage virtuel avec New-York, Moscou à la sité des sciences (Amiens métropole) où nous organisions
cette manifestation ( la presse en parle ).

Nicolas (France) connected with Gary BRANT à New-York.

Melfany Alain

Ce virtuel est un réel ... plaisir ! La galerie est épatante, ce qui épate la galerie !
Il y a bien des toiles qui échappent à mon univers, mais je m'y suis retrouvé avec les essais intimes de Bretagne : ils m'ont ouvert la route du ciel !

Le reste est pro, trop pro ? ... La présentation sent l'ingénieur, le labeur, le calcul ... les toiles sont ordonnées comme des élèves dans une école. Peut-on faire autrement ?
Vous avez toute la vie pour y répondre ... ;-)

PS : j'ai beaucoup aimé le panorama de tous les peintres présents. C'est une chic-idée ; espérons qu'elle fera "école"! re ;-)

Octobre 1997 - A cup of Champagne in front of the little camera of visio conference with Jamie, Gary and Ron

Rolf van GELDER

"Dear Gerard and Nico,
I want to congratulate you with this very exciting Internet Art event!
It's great to see that you are using the Internet to get artists and people that are interested in arts from all over the world together.
I appreciate it what you are doing for me and all the other artists.
Keep up the good job and good luck!
Peace, Good luck next Saturday!

Manu et Christian
Un petit bonjour de Manu et Christian, bravo pour le site.
L'ensemble est seduisant. Manu t'envoie une plaquette de son atelier.
Et peut etre serais tu interesse par la peinture decorative.

A une prochaine fois et felicitation, nous aussi on est des passionnes.

Michel SUEUR
J'ai pu accéder à votre galerie et je tiens à vous féliciter pour la mise en page de votre site. Grande qualité graphique, beaucoup de professionnalisme

Bravo pour l'idee et le talent.
Il faut agrandir la galerie...
Melchior Alsinet



did it happen? did my thoughts, expressed in photons, run through wires round the world, then bolt into heavens,bouce off satellites, and leap magically into you electrocybertronic brain extention unit?

and thence through your eye port into even more delicate and tanged circutry than microchip er imagined I had an epiphany two years ago as I came in for a landing on a crystal clear night at 10000 ft over NYC.; the lights of the metropolitan area spread out and twinkled as far as my eye could see, probibly a fity mile radius. The thought popped into my head " wow, could you imagine a wiring circut diagram of NYC"

... immeadiately I thought.. " but it doesn't stop there, all the house circut diagrams are added at the ends....but then every appliance plugged in is also added to the circut diagram....every Tv and radio....MY GOD! every computer...and microprocesser in the computer...and phone lines to carrying microvolt pulses to every other computer.... its all connected all one circut" Suddenly then, and for ever after, I have looked at the world in a diffferent way. Almost as if we are all part of one big organic-electric cerebrum, thinking as one complex brain. we have constructed and continue build external electric/photon nerve impulse extention units so that the things I see, feel, hear, create, the thoughts I think are transported round the world at the speed of a photon

THIS IS HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK, developing as we watch, and as we participate, it is exhilerating, it is the truely manificent development of our age. as I sculpt in clay or carve in stone, an ancient act, that is as old as human thought..... the whole world may watch via candelier, the whole world may talk to me, send me images of their work, share their humanity with me in a world of images...beyond language..beyond distance... beyond time.


"To all of you fortunate enough to participate in this amazing connection between far corners of our planet I say: Hello from Los Angeles! I very much wish i could have participated live via video conferencing, but the fact that my art can be there with you, while I am here just after dawn beside the Pacific Ocean, is a wonder of technology that completely changes the possibilities of art. True, digital reproduction cannot as yet capture the unusual pigment dependent effects of florescent colors and certain metallics, at first this disturbed me, but now I consider the digital representations of my paintings new versions of the originals, and I look forward to exploring the ways digital reads unusual pigments.

This virtual gallery, and the Internet itself, are wonderful opportunities to take art out of the world of museums and cliques. Personally I relish the idea of my art being stumbled upon by some explorer in pajamas. This new intimacy between artist and audience is profound, amazingly private, yet completely public. Art, which flourishes in the atmosphere of coincidences is well served by such an environment.

I sincerely hope we artists, and all of us fortunate enough to have access to this kind of revolutionary technology will continue to work for ways to make it available to anyone. I feel especially honored to participate in this event with a French gallery because French culture from Rimbaud to Monet to Guy Debord has been such a great influence on me. I hope my work returns a spark of the inspiration I have received.

love ... Tamra


To the virtual staff of Virtuelles Galeries..

Congratulations on your "moment exceptionnel". This idea that you'vebrought to life is not only innovative and imaginative, but, it is also a breath of fresh air for artists and patrons the world over. Thank you for allowing me and my work to be a part of history with you.

These past few months have been very exciting, working with you, in preparation of this great moment. Many of my internet associates have visited your wonderful site, and returned words of praise for its visual appearance and its content. I continue to visit there myself to make use of a great feature of the site... the ability to make contact with the other artists who are represented there.

Again, congratulations on this special accomplishment and thank you for allowing me to realize this as well.


Thomas Colvin, III Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.


Salut a toi, vituelle compagnie

En 50 ans nous nous sommes trop eloignes de nous, le retour aux sources est ineluctable et salvateur. Le bio (la vie) qui n'aurait jamais du nous quitter, revient en force. Nous retournons au naturel par quelques connexions et modems bien places; la magie de notre temps fait surface, l'evolution perpetuelle nous ramene a nos racines. Les peuples, les cultures se rapprochent, se melent, la langue n'est pas vraiment un obstacle. L'image,la photo, la peinture, la sculpture, la musique, la cuisine, ..., nature, tout se decline par les yeux, les oreilles, la bouche ...regarde, ecoute, ecris, parles, fais, en resume apprends et prends la vie a bras-le-corps. Nous franchissons les etapes grace a nos echanges, nous nous revelons a nous-meme et aux autres (que l'on decouvre): Nous sommes Humains...Je suis Humain, Je suis Mondial

Si Dieu existe, il est surement Virtuel
Vitual Gallery is in You, it's You...
Bye Gerard and see you soon- Guillaume


Greetings from the snow covered Rockie Mountains in Southern Colorado, USA

I am writing to say welcome to this exhibition of light and imagination. This technology, though still new, still not noticed or experienced by most of the population, promises to reshape our sense of identity in that we shall become increasingly familiar with each other which will expand our sense of self through expanding of our minds and hearts. I hope that this increase in inter-personal exposure will lead to an increase in lovingkindness and consern for one another and will, without question, aide artists and all thinkers in joining minds through instant global communication. This joining of minds will create a great cloud of knowing which will precipitate into hitherto unprecidented acts of collaborative creativity and genius.

Till now our lives and our communication has been one carefully orchestated voice of propaganda being broadcast to many listeners. Whether this voice is the voice of religious dogmas, of moral authority, of legal control, of political spin or of commercial suggestion, it remains a voice of power and organization seeking to, at times oppress at others to inspire and at others to manipulate the minds and actions of the mirid of individuals. The interactive nature of the internet makes it completely different from traditional media for the reason that all voices may be heard no matter how small. The hierarchy of scale and location which has traditionally been used to elevate and accentuate those in power and deminish all others in the art world as well as the world at large is obliterated by the relative equality of all communications on the internet. All places are as one place, all sizes are as one size.

The profound changes that are now upon us as access to the internet and the world wide web move toward becoming as common of an experience as telephones and televisions will alter the very foundations of our consciousness and perception about the world around us and our relationship to it and each other in ways that are, for the most aprt, unpredictable.

Our challenge as a culture and as individuals is to participate as consciously as possible in this dramatic shift and use this moment to effect badly needed changes in ourselves and in our societies toward becoming more culturally responsible and responsive rather than merely reactive. Such times as we now live in carry the hope of achieving the goals of all people of good will and we must do what we can to cultivate those attitudes which yeild a perspective of good will which in turn will cultivate the imagination which can see those goals which in turn creates the determination to strive toward them. Known or unknown to each of us, our imagination is joined to the imagination of all humanity as many instruments in one great symphony. So let us all play our parts in it as best we can!

I thank Gerard and Nico and all of the gang who are participating in this event for including me. I am hoping to join you online if I can figure out the technology in time.

Blessings to all,
Cecil Touchon
Co-founder of the International Post-Dogmatist Group.
President of The International Royal Academy of Post-Dogmatist Arts and Letters.
Member of the Massurrealist Society.

Easton DAVY

helo Gerard and Nico,
This is so nice what you are doing and I congratulate you and much success!
I think Virtual Galeries is an excellent idea and I will help as much as I can here in NewYork!
I will contact you soon...
Greetings from New York!

Easton Davy

Chantal LEBRUN

Cher Gérard
Bravo pour cette idee de galerie virtuelle que j'ai visitee avec interet
Belle initiative.
A bientot, j'espere le plaisir d'echanger avec vous.

Chantal Lebrun


Michel SUEUR

Bonjour à toute la famille,
Encore merci pour ces instants d'amitié vécus auprés de vous et des peintres présents au vernissage. Amical souvenir,


I'm called Michel Sueur. My watercolours are showed in Virtuelles Galeries beside your works and it's a great honour for me. The virtual varnishing took place. But can we speak about virtual when in the same room, at the same moment, Garry and Jamie Brant talk in visio-conference with the audience, that Ludmilla Tchernova explain, by phone from Moscow, the technique of batik of her work which is projected on gigantic screen in France, that the paintings of french artists are showed beside printed graphic presentations of foreign artists.

Let's forget about Internet, let's forget about computing for to concentrate about the significance of this day that you would have likedand that the audience discovered with surprise: In the first place, your mail sent to Candelier family and which have been read to the audience. People discovered that you only talked about the joy to take part in this varnishing, got one's breath to can share your passion with other artists in the world, to know your works approachable to people in pajamas at their place.

The audience heard Guy Leplat out to speak for french painters. People were surprised to learn that their motivation alone to pratice Internet and Virtuelles Galeries was to go admire the work of other artists and to see the maximum of works because they have always many things to learn. Yes, to see works of other artists which are not in the books and merit to look surprised.

You, who lives in different parts of the world, you should know that french artists of Virtuelles Galeries have the feeling to be a member of a friendly community, not virtual. Also, you should know that Candelier's family show us what they can do for to represent you.

My english is very poor..., I'm sorry but I was gripped by the desire to tell you the pleasure to take part in this varnishing.

Yours, Michel Sueur and the french artists.

PS/ For me, it is faster to paint a watercolour than to write in english.

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