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Using the exciting colors from his Cuban/Jamaican roots this painter has a gritty outlook on life; "Usually when I approach the canvas I don't know what's going to happen. Feelings pour out in unpredictable ways and I just want to capture them before they get away. At that point the paintbrush may not be working fast enough, and I just start using my fingers or anything I can get my hands on. This is the point, where I just have to express myself by any means and with anything close at hand. It's as though the canvas has all these visions waiting for me to release, and I'm the messenger."

Easton's scenes of love and pain, loss and redemption have much scope and depth. His original and visually enticing pieces draw wide recognition in artistic circles. Easton has exhibited from the East Coast to the West Coast as well as in Europe and many patrons in those regions support his work, with New York City being the stomping grounds for much of his inspiration.

The playgrounds of New York City and distant melodies of the streets provided this artist his sense of art and visual language at an early age. The colors and cross-cultures of his Island roots and New York City life, show in his exciting works of art.

Using an abstract expressionistic style, he continues to stretch the boundaries of what can be done with paint and the human figure. Not being bound by paint or brush, he seeks only to express himself the only way he knows how.... With feeling.

1997 The Heart Gallery, Paris France
1996 The United Nations, New York City
1996 The Westbeth Art Gallery, New York City
1996 The Pharos Gallery, New York City
1996 Common Boundaries Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey
1995 Common Boundaries Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey
1996 The House Gallery, NewYork, NY
1995 The House Gallery, NewYork, NY
1993 The Kalda Gallery, Oakland, CA
1992 Art Here Gallery, Berkeley, CA


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