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ROLF van GELDER was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1958.

He is a contemporary artist (Autodidactical) as well as a graphic designer of posters, magazines, and Web sites. Van Gelder also enjoys photography, playing piano and classical guitar.

Painting is the main outlet for his emotions.
The creative process is closely related to action painting:
just open the valve as wide as possible and throw it out rapidly.
'Open your Cage and fly...'
This results in very dynamical, emotional and moving paintings.
He developed his own pictural language.
The works are very direct and therefore sometimes provocative.
For him, painting is a never-ending struggle between Apollo and Dionysus...

Recent exhibitions:
-June 1996 Eventa-3 International Art Exhibition, Uppsala (SWEDEN)
-October 1996 Lenwood Gallery, Minneapolis (U.S.A.)
-November 1996 SolArt Gallery, Seattle (U.S.A.)
-November 1996 The Conservatory, Minneapolis (U.S.A.)
-January 1997 SOLO exhibition, SolArt Gallery, Seattle (U.S.A.)
-January 1997 Vault Gallery, Minneapolis (U.S.A.)
-February 1997 SOLO exhibition, Office of the Insurance Commissioner, Olympia (U.S.A.)
-March 1997 SolArt Gallery, Seattle (U.S.A.)
-June 1997 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco (U.S.A.)
-July 1997 Digital Artworks, Online.Cafe, Norwalk, Connecticut (U.S.A.)