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- - - - - - - - - - - Ana Valliammai

I am Ana.Valliammai, B.Com., ACS and love painting and art. I use the pen name of "V.Puja" to sign my current paintings. All my Tanjore paintings and glass paintings depict Hindu Divine and Mythological figures. Sand and Knife-cut paintings and Oil paintings on canvas portray general subjects.

I am willing to paint any horse picture you wish to mail me, on sand or totally in knife-oil on canvas board. Any other specific Tanjore Painting orders also undertaken including entire Pooja (Prayer) range of Gods and Goddesses. Knife Oil Paintings on Canvas of British India Chariots and Coaches , Race Horses and Wild Horses are also available in approximate size of 30" x 22".

Please feel free to contact me with your requirements in terms of quantity and specific paintings and I will revert to you with appropriate quotes. I welcome suggestions for improvements to this web site too.

 Miniature Glass Paintings - Painted behind (reverse-side) glass surface
Painting Size without Frame - approximately 4.5" x 3.5"

Tanjore Paintings - Gold / Silver foils, semi-precious stones in relief