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- - - - - - - - - - - - - Jamie Brant

Jamie Brant has been interested in painting and art from a very early age growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. As the daughter of the sculptor, poet, and avant-garde artist LUCILLE BRICKLIN of Big Sur, California U.S.A., she often trekked to museums and galleries in her childhood and became enamored with artists like Vassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee.

As a young adult, Ms. Brant became a serious canvas painter in oil and acrylic, and became an Art Major at Temple University in Philadelphia where she graduated in 1975, with additional classes at Tyler School of Art, also in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

After marrying the photographer Gary E. Brant in 1978, Ms. Brant moved to San Francisco and continued working in non-objective style on canvas in acrylics and oils, her subjects often blazing geometric shapes with sharp outlines and powerful integrations accented by bright use of color.

Her work received local recognition at a Union Street Gallery where she received a first-place Grand Jury Prize for an oils canvas.

During 1979, Ms. Brant began to experiment with applying her unique visions to furniture, by applying her canvas subjects directly to three-dimensional objects. Thus was born her earliest "Painted Furniture" which progressed to a stage where her work began to sell to local patrons in the Bay Area. Her non-objective style was eminently suited to turn dressers, cabinets, and other functional items into unique, bold visions that suited nearly any modern decor.

A move with her husband to New York City in 1982 saw an acceleration of her technique for locating unique furniture pieces (often owned by the client), and Ms. Brant's work began to be shown in several prestigious Manhattan outlets including the Whitney Museum Gift Shop and a fashionable Upper East Side interior design centre. As her furniture design advanced, the use of paper collage, applied to the surface, began to be integrated into her conceptualizations. Two examples of this technique are seen within her site herein Virtuelles Galeries.

In 1985, Ms. Brant and her husband purchased a large Victorian home in Staten Island, New York, U.S.A. where the couple turned a large parlor room into an arts gallery where Ms. Brant's furniture and paintings are displayed for interested clients. Ms. Brant is now focusing primarily in two areas, collaged furniture (shown here) and a new series of oil, water color, and acrylic canvases the artist has recently began that bring her back to her roots as a master of the brush and one-dimensional surface.