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Daniele DEKEYSER, born in 1944, lives and works in RAMBOUILLET.

Until 1980,she used to work in advertising then decided to turn to painting. Shortly after, she chose sculpture and discovered the ability ofexpression that clay alllows and that she never stops exploring. She found that the material was going to enable her to capture the body aura, to transcend its beauty and its inward strength.

Although according to her sculpture is not a pure copy of reality, she thinks that life and its main character, Man, must not be put aside.

Each and every sculpture she creates becomes a piece which expresses itself-through strength, volumes, lights, vibration of the material and ambiguousnesses excluding the anecdote.

Daniele DEKEYSER, never anxious to be in a new wave or outside of it, works on the fringe of fashion, shools or momentary trends.

This talented self-taught woman reveals a surprisingly original art.

Daniele DEKEYSER was very often rewarded. Her work is distinguished in the many art salons and exhibitions to which she takes part. Her sculptures find their place in many private and public collections, either in France or abroard.